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  •       ヽ |☆|         )
          ヽ二二二二二/   丶   
          /__             |.  
          |    ひ    |    │.  
         ノ          |    |                 ____
        (;;;)          |    |              ,...-‐:::::::::::::::::::::::::‐-.....、
        ヽ           |    ヽ            /::::-‐  ̄ ̄ ̄ ‐- 、:::::::ヽ
         \_____ノ  \__/           //.      l    l ヽ::::::`、
             __|       /  \        .   //.  l、 l__ . l__/l_ 〉   ト、::lヽ
            / ヽ____/   /\         l l二二lメヽー‐l`、 7l / l   〇〇ヽ
           /| │__丿;;;\_/\_/\ ヽ        l l ト l/l ヾヽ、. l V‐レ-、l   l/^` ヽ
          /  ヽ/|ヽ;;;;;;;;;ノ/ \   丶/丶      l l. l`ヽ-‐  `、l r'⌒、`l l lヽ   ヽ
          |   | | /;;;;;|/\─       丶  .   l 〉`lV`r'⌒、   ゝ--' l ノl. l l   ヽ
          /   | |/;;;;;;;/  >__  /   |      l l`ヽヽゝ.-'         ノ/.l ノノ.    ヽ
          j  | | |;;;;;;;/  /|--┌│ |   │      l l. ヽ\  -‐―‐-、  .//   /::フ、 ヽ
          | │ | |;;;;;/  /│ ││ |   │     ヾ l、`‐ _ `―一 ´-‐//::::ヽ  `v lヽ.ヽ
         ノ  | │ |;;/  / |___|__| │   |       ヾ_l、lヽ l フ`ニ>' ̄y/::::::::::::ゝ ‐-l 、、`、
         |  |  |__|;;/ /        |   │       `、ニハУ::::::::::〈./::::::::::::_::::::〈  >-‐ ' ヾ
         ノ  |  \|/         |    │        l`- .>::::::::::::::::::::::::::::/::::/:> l
        /  |              / ̄丶 |        、二く. |::::l l:::::::::::::::::::/::::/:∠\
       /    ヽ______彡( ̄ ̄ヽ ̄|  | .        /L l::::| l:::::::::::::__/::::/::、l_l \
      /\   /;;;;[__];;;;;;;;;;;彡(二二 ││ /        ∠::::<ヽ:,‐レ^マ/   )::::〈
      ゝ\\/ ̄|      ̄ ̄巛(____ノ_/           ̄  〈lて π`Z  〈.::::::::::i
     (Ο Ο)\_ノ         彡彡∠彡彡彡彡彡彡彡彡彡彡彡彡/::"vl><l`‐'´::::::::::::`‐、

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  1. mlysaoun より:
    America's Trusted Motorsports News
  2. dofucy より:
    Football is experiencing its best of times and worst of times. On one hand, it's difficult to mount the argument that it hasn't surpassed baseball as the American pastime. It's continuously a ratings juggernaut, and has gone from one contained season to a year-round obsession for many. From the Super Bowl to draft day, training camp, and fantasy football, it's the sport that commands our attention as fans the most, but it's also been the one that infuriates and disappoints us repeatedly. The only question to ask is which of those two qualities will continue? Will football reign supreme, or will the league, owners, and players bring about the downfall of America's game? 
    "No one's saying it's easy. I've spent years trying to quit football," Steve Almond says in his latest book, Against Football. Almond, an Oakland Raiders fan, spends the book trying to be as pragmatic a fan as possible, breaking down the ills of the game from the physical danger the players are in, to the sheer greed of the owners and the league itself. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has said he'd like to see league revenue hit $25 billion by 2027. That number, as Almond points out, would put the NFL at the same table as global companies like McDonald's and Nike. But at what cost? 
    Read more:
  3. molokyno より:
    There are little pieces of music history you can buy and put on your wall – a chunk of broken guitar, a drumstick, a sheet of song lyrics – and then there's the kind you can drive around and show off. And there might be nothing more badass than being seen in Johnny Cash's stunning 1970 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. 
    Up for auction through Barrett-Jackson in Las Vegas between September 25 through September 27, the ABC network purchased the black car with black upholstery for the Man in Black, and made sure the factory provided “JRC” initials in gold on the rear doors. The car was a gift for the country music legend's successful The Johnny Cash Show, and was purchased from Cash in the mid-1980s by a private seller who is now parting ways with it. 
    The vehicle has 32,000 miles on the odometer and is presented in largely original condition. The winner of the car also gets all the car's original paperwork, including initial plans to apply a “Golden Guitar” to each of the rear doors before deciding on Cash's initials. There's no reserve, although bidding will probably be high since pretty much everybody would love to be seen in this legendary automobile. 
    Read more:


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